Today’s families are more complex and multifaceted than they have ever been in the history of civilization. There is a good chance your finances are a complex mix of your immediate family, extended family and perhaps even multiple families. You may own a family business which needs succession planning, or you may simply want to ensure that your nest egg is carefully nurtured and fairly distributed after your death.

Silver Oak’s “Family CFO” service offers extensive experience among our advisors in providing guidance, advice and hands-on fiduciary care for families both large and small. Just as a business owner will hire a Chief Financial Officer (business CFO) to align the CEO’s vision with financial strategies and resources to achieve the company’s objective — a Family CFO fulfills the same role for your personal financial life.

Family CFO

Achieving “financial success” is not an end in itself. Nor does it have the same meaning for every person. Success can only be measured in terms of whether one’s values-based objectives and financial strategies are in alignment; and, whether those objectives are being achieved during one’s lifetime.

As your family CFO, a Silver Oak advisor is always sitting on your side of the table, proactively paying attention to your issues, questions and needs. These are some of the reasons why clients retain Silver Oak and, more importantly, stay with us for the long term and across family generations.