You’ve crossed the “Big 5-0 divide”. Thoughts of “How and when can I retire?” are beginning to circulate more and more frequently in your mind, whenever you’re not preoccupied with creating your current livelihood.

You find yourself mentally assessing your current financial picture: The nest egg you’ve accumulated – is it enough? The lifestyle you’d like to maintain when you’re retired for you and your spouse – will you need additional sources of income?

So many questions.

You may have a small business that you’ve been growing and nurturing for years, but you find that your business equity represents the lion’s share of your retirement when you sell it. After the inevitable tax liability (provided you can find a buyer), will it be enough to generate the equivalent of your current income and lifestyle?

Or you may be a successful executive or professional contemplating cutting back on the work demand and choosing a lifestyle that enhances your self-fulfillment and quality of life. 

It’s natural to think about retirement by quantifying the means to the end. But, with so many financial moving parts to consider, it’s easy to gloss over and miss the subjective factors that are critical to that thought process. Your values and important relationships, the different purposes you may have for your money beyond lifestyle, and your concerns about money when thinking about transitioning to the next chapter of life–all of these demand more than a technician with a software program to create a successful plan. You also need a “thinking partner.”

A better place to begin the process is to define what you want your ideal “next chapter” to actually look like. Since we are often too close to our money to think about it objectively, and since we probably don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to do this ourselves, there is a key advantage in having a hands-on advisor who acts as a “thinking partner” for your journey, while simultaneously performing as a skilled financial technician.

Because making the smartest financial decisions as you chart the path for your next stage of life is critical now and for the future, you will benefit as so many others have from a partnership with Silver Oak Wealth Advisors.