Approaching Retirement Is More Than A Life Change, It’s a Life Transition 

Eric D Bruck

You’ve just celebrated your 55th birthday. You muse that thoughts of “how and when can I retire” are beginning to circulate more and more frequently and loudly in your head.

You find yourself beginning to mentally assess your current financial picture. The nest egg you’ve accumulated – is it enough?

Sometimes the worry feels palpable. Anticipating this looming transition evokes: Where to start?

It is only natural to begin thinking about retirement with questions about quantifying the means to your end. However, the financial questions often drown out the anxiety which can hinder your decision making. Ignoring the emotional drivers behind the worry can and will impede your progress.

Let’s launch a new conversation around your “second half of life” transition. Let’s begin with helping you to create a safe mental space from which to visualize what your life activities will be, along with the meaning and purpose for your money when earning a living is no longer…

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Reluctant To Take Charge Of Personal Finance? You Are Not Alone

Linda CaoIn a 2008 public survey conducted by Prudential Financial, 73% of all surveyed women claimed to be worried about their financial future, but just as many admitted to procrastinating when it came to doing something to manage these worries.

Comments made by women about their reluctance to deal with money typically run along the lines of:

 – It’s too technical / complicated / confusing…
 – I don’t know enough to make good decisions…
 – I do not have the time for this…

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Attorneys & The Balcony

Joel FramsonPicture yourself out on a Balcony. How does it feel? What can you see now that you couldn’t see before you ventured out there?

Your perspective matters. As an attorney, you can picture how often you began working on a case with some of the pertinent facts, knowing full well that your approach would change as all the facts became known. My job is to persuade you to join me on the Balcony to gain a new vantage point from which to envision your long-term financial security. Getting onto the Balcony together will allow us some space to avoid life’s everyday demands, if only briefly. Work pressures and family obligations tend to keep us focused on the here and now as we create solutions to our immediate challenges…

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