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One of the most certain aspects of life is change. Oftentimes, the change is anticipated and manageable. Sometimes, the change can happen gradually, without our really noticing it for a while. Other times, the change can feel turbulent and overwhelming. But the truth is, when money changes, life changes. When life changes, money changes. The integration is very real.

Vedic myth says the conch appeared from the water after the great churning of the ocean. Perhaps that is why it is so beautiful – the polishing that occurred while in the water gave it the distinct characteristics we see and appreciate once the churning stops.

Used as a spiritual symbol in many cultures throughout history, this beautiful shell is associated with courage, resilience, and wisdom. It can serve as a touchstone as we move through life.

At Silver Oak Wealth Advisors, we specialize in helping our clients manage – and even appreciate – change. Through challenges and transitions, we have the opportunity to remember who we really are and create an inspiring vision for our next chapter.

Our focus at Silver Oak is on financial well-being, personal well-being, and family well-being. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. This is the heart of what Silver Oak offers.

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Retirement, Re-imagined

You’ve worked hard. Now, as you achieve the mid-century mark, your thoughts inevitably move toward the next stages of life. Silver Oak can help you reimagine retirement. By providing active guidance and planning in navigating this transition, we can help you create a future that is not only financially secure, but also inspiring, purposeful and fulfilling. learn more…
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When Two Become One

Making smart financial decisions is especially important for women at the time of major life transitions such as divorce or widowhood. There are unique emotional, mental, and financial challenges to work through when transitioning from being part of a couple to being single. Silver Oak has the empathy and know-how to support and empower women through unchartered territory. learn more…

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Preparing Family Heirs

As your wealth accumulates, you may begin to see yourself as a family steward with a financial legacy to pass to your heirs. Silver Oak can help you keep your financial house in order and align your wealth transfer plan with your personal values and best intentions while ensuring your heirs have the knowledge and development to thrive in their independent lives. learn more…