When Two Become One

Making smart financial decisions is especially important for women at the time of major life transitions, such as divorce or widowhood. There are many challenges to work through when transitioning from being part of a couple to being single.

Silver Oak has the empathy and know-how to support and empower women through unchartered territory. We are here to help you regain financial confidence.

When it comes to money, gender matters.

Despite many positive trends and the fact that women are gaining economic power and influence, it is still notable that as well-educated, successful, and independent as you may be, there are still major gaps and unmet needs when it comes to securing a sense of confidence and comfort around your personal finances.

Studies show that there is a “financial fear factor” at work, which is notably greater for women than for men. Because of key biological, cultural, and cognitive differences, we believe women face different financial issues and tend to think, feel and approach money differently than their male counterparts.

Understanding the meaning and significance of these differences helps restore or instill new confidence and provides you with the personal guidance and financial strategies to meet your unique financial needs.

When it comes to gender, communication matters.

We also understand that your communication preferences and learning style are unique to you. When it comes to money, women tend to prefer a different “conversation”, one that is more collaborative and provided within a supportive learning environment. To that end, Silver Oak offers quarterly Women’s Circle Gatherings as a safe, supportive environment where women can talk to one another about what matters, and feel connected, empowered, and inspired around money. We provide a safe space for sharing stories and experiences, and gaining strengths and insights about money and life.

“Because of key biological, cultural and cognitive differences, we believe women face different financial issues and tend to think, feel and approach money differently than their male counterparts.”

Life transitions can create some of the most unsettling and consequential events occurring in a woman’s later life. The dissolution of a long-term marriage, the death of a spouse or partner, health issues, job loss, a significant inheritance, or caregiving to a family member are just a few examples. These life transitions, whether expected or unexpected, can create distinct emotional as well as financial challenges for women and could threaten one’s well-being and long-term security. Addressing the emotional and personal side of a life transition is as equally important as addressing the technical side of money. Silver Oak’s specialized training and expertise in addressing both sides can guide clients through life transitions in an effective and empowering manner.

Here’s what will help and how we fit in …

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Our commitment to our clients is to meet you exactly where you are: building your financial confidence, supporting good intentions and helping translate them into accomplishment, and taking the time you do not have, to help you to build your own financial identity, whatever your professional or personal status might be.

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