Wealth Management

Wealth management is more than “just” investment management. Wealth management combines a number of elements that are needed to address the concerns of affluent families and individuals. At Silver Oak Wealth Advisors, we use a consultative process to glean information about our clients’ specific situations, and then we tailor a personalized strategy that uses a range of financial solutions and services.

We take a holistic approach to wealth management, and typically include the following elements in our wealth management process:

  • Financial Organization
  • Investment Planning & Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Planning & Optimization
  • Cashflow & Major Goal Funding
  • Estate & Legacy Planning
Wealth Management

Silver Oak seeks to understand each client’s goals and underlying values pertaining to money; then we create a systematic path toward achieving those goals. We delve into and continue to monitor the key components required to maintain your financial security.

Your Family CFO

In many instances, Silver Oak will integrate with and coordinate the services of other professionals such as tax professionals and estate planning attorneys. Because we are trained to see the big picture, we are always looking out for our clients to ensure that there are no gaps or missing elements in their personalized wealth management plan.

As we provide holistic guidance and become a part of our client’s financial lives, we find that, over time, we become more than “just” wealth managers – we become thinking partners and life coaches.

Please reach out to discuss your wealth management goals and objectives.