Investment Principles

Our decades of investment experience have allowed us to create an established list of principles that guide our investing practices. We believe following these principles will create a better investment experience and outcome for our clients.

We also feel it is wise to:

  • Invest in things you understand.
  • Know what you own and why it fits in your portfolio.
  • Shun fancy sales pitches, media noise, and Wall Street hype.

What should you be focusing on?

Things That Matter vs Things You Can Control

What we recommend:

  • Invest while keeping costs low. Costs will only drag down returns over time. Keep things like fund expenses, transaction costs, tax efficiencies, etc, in mind.
  • Invest broadly and globally. There is no singular “market.” Invest across asset classes, market capitalizations, and styles. Proper diversification is key.
  • Invest for the long-term. The long-term is more than a one or three-year outlook. Daily or weekly market fluctuations should not affect your decisions, behavior, or outlook.
  • Invest with risk and return in mind. The risk you are taking should be compensated by the return you are receiving.
  • Invest with your total portfolio in mind. Focus on the success of the overall portfolio, not on specific investments.
  • Invest with a forward-looking mentality. Don’t base today’s investment decision on past performance.
  • Invest with a financial plan. Investment strategy should be driven by your financial plan and serve your personal needs and goals.
  • Invest with the discipline to rebalance. Rebalancing is necessary will maintain your risk profile and allow you to “buy low and sell high.”
Investment Principles

Why Silver Oak?

  1. We are fiduciaries and are legally bound to act in your best interest.
  2. We and our investment consultants have no ties to any investment managers or institutions. Our due diligence process is objective and unbiased.
  3. We understand your financial plan and can implement and manage an investment strategy that fits your personal needs and goals.
  4. We take care of the details and follow-through to free up the time, stress, and worry of managing your own portfolio.
  5. We help you overcome urges to change investments at the wrong time. We coach you through inclinations to be too conservative or too aggressive, both of which can impede the achievement of your goals.

When it comes to investing, working with a professional team can give you peace of mind. Together, we can focus on things that MATTER and things we can CONTROL.