Retirement, Reimagined

You’ve worked hard. Now, as you achieve the mid-century mark, your thoughts inevitably move toward the next stages of life. Silver Oak can help you reimagine retirement. By providing active guidance and planning in navigating this transition, we can help you create a future that is not only financially secure, but also vibrant, fun and purposeful.

Rediscover who you are!

You’ve enjoyed your work life – and your home life, in spite of the challenges – and feel proud of your accomplishments. Raising a family. Socking away money for a rainy day. Running a company. Building reputation for your profession. Contributing to society.

Perhaps the way you’ve built your wealth and created a livelihood has even become a part of who you are. With retirement on the horizon, you might be uneasy when you think about giving up such an important piece of your life. You may even cringe when you hear the word “retirement” – as if you won’t be needed anymore.

But eventually, you may begin to see that work has become – or will be – optional for you.

So … Who are you if you aren’t working? How will you spend your time and with whom? What will you do to create a sense of fun and purpose? These can be difficult and intimidating questions for people who have been dedicated to their life’s work for many, many years.

At Silver Oak, we are prepared to help you find answers to these questions and reimagine how you think about retirement. If you have saved enough and planned well for it, you will actually just have a more flexible, “work optional” life.

While one phase of your life could be changing or even ending, a new and exciting chapter could be in the making. We will coach and partner with you through this transition, helping you to build a new identity and plan for living with a renewed, vivid vision for the future.

How will you find meaning in your next chapter?

Reimagining who you will be in retirement is not a simple process. You must take time to build your life intentionally. At Silver Oak, we like to have our clients start the process by thinking about how they like to enjoy their time outside of work. We encourage them to find hobbies that are fulfilling and relationships that bring them joy and meaning. Once you have identified what and who will help you find purpose and inspiration, we begin to set expectations around your finances.

Your Retirement Mentality

Your mindset in retirement is extremely important to your financial success. Those early in their retirement often fall into one of two categories:

  1. Scarcity Mentality: In this phase, retirees are worried they will not have enough money to last through retirement so spend too little money, not enjoying the savings they worked so hard to earn.
  2. Freedom Mentality: In this phase, retirees are excited to no longer “be tied down” by work and other responsibilities and end up spending too much as they enjoy their newfound freedom.

The reality is that you will likely have to adjust your spending mentality multiple times during retirement, depending on life events. We will help you craft a spending plan that helps keep you on track financially so you can enjoy your retirement rather than worrying about it.

Our Planning Process

Your transition into retirement is not a one-time event but rather a journey, starting with the anticipation stage, a period of adaptation and reinvention, and a new normal. If you work with Silver Oak, we will be your guide and provide the guardrails you need to feel safe. You may also need emotional and practical support to help you create a new lifestyle you have always wanted but maybe thought you couldn’t have.

We will be there to help with:

  • Longevity planning
  • Long-term care planning
  • Family gifting, including education funding for grandchildren
  • Major purchases
  • Housing decisions

Retirement should be a time of self-discovery and fulfillment. Allow us to be your guide on your journey to reimagining who you are in the next stage of your life.

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