Our Story

You may be wondering about Silver Oak’s origin and ownership.

Linda Cao, Owner and President of Silver Oak Wealth Advisors, has been providing Silver Oak clients with comprehensive wealth management services since 2005. Through an internal succession plan put into place many years ago at the firm, Linda determined to earn her way into an ownership role. Ultimately, in 2018 she became the sole owner of Silver Oak. As such, Linda is responsible for the day-to-day operations and health of the firm.

“Looking back, I am proud to say I was the very first employee of Silver Oak and bought out the firm to become the second generation owner because I wanted to preserve and protect the culture and client/employee experience with Silver Oak,” said Linda.

“While the name of the game in the industry has the asset gathering as top priority, we focus on the financial well-being of clients and bring the best quality of advice and client experience possible. We have a collaborative team culture and supportive organizational structure. The vision is not to grow for the sake of growing but to make positive impact on people’s lives,” Linda added.

Established in 2005, Silver Oak seeks to understand each client’s goals and underlying values pertaining to money; then we create a systematic path toward achieving those goals. We delve into and continue to monitor the key components required to maintain your financial security and well-being.

As we provide holistic guidance and become a part of our clients’ financial lives, we find that, over time, we become more than “just” wealth managers – we become thinking partners and life coaches.

The value we bring …

Competence Convenience Coaching Continuity

Silver Oak is proud to be in second generation ownership phase. We do, indeed, stand on the of giants and are steadfast in our focus on not only meeting our clients where they are but helping them get to where they want to be.

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