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Silver Oak is hiring. We are proud of our caring and supportive culture and are seeking to add a Client Services Associate to our dynamic and collaborative team. It is a hybrid role in Westwood. Learn more and apply here.


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A safe place for women in Silver Oak’s Community to empower one another through thoughtful questions, reflection, and speaking with intention. Learn more here.

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Your tangible assets are not all you have to pass on to your loved ones. What is in your heart, mind, and memory is of tremendous worth to them: your values, perspective, stories, and love.

We Live in Strange Times. What if Our Lives Could Actually Be Better Because of Them?
What are the financial skills that need to be shored up in our families if we hope to emerge wiser, closer, and stronger than before?

If you think you have the ability to give, maybe you just need the permission. For many people, this means knowing how much you can afford. Critical to this decision is having a financial plan in place.

When a child asks for money, it’s hard to be the “bad cop.” We don’t want to disappoint our kids. In these situations it is often necessary, and beneficial for both parties, to have an independent third party to be the voice of reason.

How is it that we lead within our own families or exert influence in a positive way during hard times?

Silver Oak’s CEO Linda Cao was interviewed while at the Morningstar Investment Conference on the firm and its financial life planning focus.