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Putting Money In Its Proper Place!

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Women & Money


Silver Oak Wealth Advisors is proud to host the first Women’s Circle of the year as a participant of a national movement to change the conversation for women around money. Our Circle Gatherings are a reflection of our commitment to provide a safe place for our women clients and friends of our firm to engage in a new conversation around money.

Why a “new conversation”? Where societal judgments and shame around the subject of money may have ruled in the past, our focus is on a collaborative process. Together, we build confidence and a healthy change in our financial outlook.

What will we accomplish with our Circle Gathering?

Our intention for this Circle during the New Year and Valentine’s Day is to create a positive mindset around money within us and provide the love and support we need – so, together we can overcome any future financial or life changes.

Together we will put money back in its proper place; we will stretch ourselves by asking questions that inform and inspire.

How does a Circle Gathering work?

You show up. You sit in a circle. You answer questions one at a time in a conversation facilitated by a trained professional. It’s a safe place, protected by a veil of confidentiality and understanding. No dollar values are discussed, and you don’t need to prepare for it.

What’s in it for you?

As women, we need to create a shift in our money mindset.  In our society, we approach finances with a set of attitudes that don’t necessarily serve us well.  The unspoken rules are:

  • Money can’t be controlled.Women's Circle
  • Money makes people do terrible things.
  • Money causes conflict.
  • Finances are too difficult to understand.
  • Money issues are better left unspoken.

These beliefs result in negative attitudes and self-talk, irrational fears and unproductive behaviors. Money is still the one topic we can’t talk openly about socially. Not sharing our income or net worth is one thing, but our money mindset is so much more than that!  Here are the positive ways of looking at these beliefs listed above.

  • Money is just a tool, we control it.
  • Money also makes people do beautiful things.  It depends on the person.
  • People have different opinions and approaches to money, which causes conflict.  It’s not the money, it’s our differences.  And if we’re honest, those conflicts could lead to closer relationships if we handled them with sensitivity.
  • The world of finance has a lot of jargon, most of which you don’t need to understand.  There are a few key principles worth knowing, and once you understand those, you will have mastered all that is necessary.
  • Culturally we have been tricked into thinking that money talk is rude. But in the case of friendships, discussing your money issues can be an excellent tool for building confidence, finding accountability, and discovering the power of collaboration. In families, money issues left unspoken prevent intimacy.  If your intention is to be close to someone, discuss money stuff and let it bring you closer.

Are you ready to step into a money conversation that won’t leave you anxious and on edge?  It’s a circle; we’ve eliminated all the edges. Join us and RSVP!

For more information about Women’s Money Circle, check out Also, Candice McGarvey’s article Why Are Women’s Cicles So Effective?”

Linda Cao


Linda Cao, CFP®, is Wealth Advisor at Silver Oak. She specializes in working with women-in-transition and retirement planning.


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