Whether you have a question, a concern or need to discuss a problem, you can always reach Silver Oak to put your concerns in perspective. Your interests, your particular situation, your needs are always addressed in an objective and conflict-free atmosphere based solely on what is important to you.

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Here are a few benefits of the Silver Oak process:

  • Discovery meeting
    • Values-driven discovery process
    • Big picture understanding of you, your resources and objectives
    • Strong foundation for a trusted, long-term relationship
  • Investment Design
    • Consistent with your required rate of return
    • Unique risk control methods yield peace of mind
  • Wealth management plan
    • Streamline your financial decision-making process
    • We take care of it all for you
  • Expert Team
    • Provide Single Point of Contact
    • Access to high-quality professional specialists
  • Ongoing Review
    • When life changes, your wealth management plan may need updating

Our skilled background allows us to understand the consultative nature of long-term strategic planning and bringing all aspects together in a unified financial plan. Additionally, we connect you with our network of outside consultants for estate planning, insurance and other matters, guaranteeing you the comprehensive financial planning you deserve.

Our chief purpose is the fulfillment of your life goals.

Learn more about our specialized services:

  • Attorneys – Our reputation for helping attorneys focus on two important priorities – their careers and families – has earned us many long-term relationships in the greater Los Angeles area. Click here to learn more about our specialized services for attorneys.
  • Women in Transition – Transitions often occur in life during times when we need help facing difficult challenges and taking advantage of new opportunities. Silver Oak has helps women during times of transition by learning about you, your values, your goals and what it is you want your money to provide. Click here to learn more.
  • Business Owners – The daily challenges and complexities of running a business can appear to be endless. Let Silver Oak take some of the weight off of your shoulders – giving you more time to focus on and appreciate your success. Click here to contact us.
  • Corporate Executives – Time and expertise are two critical assets that we provide to executives who need a senior financial advisor to define a clear path and execute a tailored strategy. If you’d like to learn more about our process, contact us today.