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When in Transition, Slow and Steady Wins the “Race”

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Financial Transition & Planning



but here’s to the Tortoise in the famous child’s fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare”! No one pays attention to the underdog.

SLOW AND STEADYThe tortoise was not expected to win the race, but win he did–with the attitude that “getting there” was more important than performing well. Where (and when) is “there” for you? If you are looking to transition to a “make work optional” modality within the next ten years, you would be wise to heed the wisdom and the experience of our friend, the Tortoise.

Let’s review the play-by-play of that famous race. The Hare took off out of the gate at a record setting pace. Like many investment strategies, the Hare’s plan was to set some serious speed records, and it was just assumed that the destination ETA would be achieved.

But the Hare stopped along the way–not unlike the stock and bond market–stopping us cold in our tracks in 2008. When the Hare woke up, it was too late to recover from the delay, and he lost the race.

Of course, we’re using this story to illustrate that, given the distance (or time objective) of your “race” to financial independence, an approach calculating a required speed (not a desired speed) is the foundation for the best race plan. It may seem as if taking more risk for a higher return will get you there faster. But the historical reality is: This strategy may just stop you– like so many others–cold in your tracks.

A professional race plan will help get you to your destination and avoid the speed bumps along the way. Remember, the Hare focused on performance, while the Tortoise focused on getting there. And, remember who won.

This article is from the Spring 2014 TRANSITIONS newsletter. To view the full version, please click here to read more articles written from our advisors.

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