One of the most challenging aspects of life is change. Yet, change is a daily phenomenon we all are faced with and learn to manage.

Financial transitions, however, are different from routine changes, are less common and are more consequential. They typically involve a passage – moving from one stage in life to another. Transitions require a period of adjustment to new circumstances in life, possibly to a change in wealth, or to a change in marital status. Even the prospect of retirement can be a transition affecting not only money and financial security, but also affecting the daily lives of both parties in a marriage.

We invite you to explore our process in managing life’s financial transitions as they relate to your own financial life and goals.


Individual Investors 50+


As you achieve the mid-century mark, thoughts inevitably move toward the next stages of life. Silver Oak specializes in the finances of individuals 50+, providing active guidance and planning in navigating this transition and formulating a secure and fulfilling future. MORE>

Women In transition


Guiding and empowering women with smart financial decision-making and with managing their personal finances is especially important at the time of a major life transition. Divorce, death of a spouse, health and family issues are prominent examples. Silver Oak is the only firm of its kind with a practice specialty solely dedicated to Women In Transition.  MORE>